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2011 is turning out to be a pretty good year for Motorola as they quickly becoming one of the powerhouse manufacturers of tablets and smartphones. Motorola has long had a presence in the wireless industry and has earned a reputation in delivering high quality communication devices. In recent years Motorola has shifted its gears to keep up with the growing demand of smartphones and now tablet computers.

Motorola’s latest tablet creation captured the minds of millions this past January as it made its first appearance at the 2011 CES Show. After being awarded best tablet award at the 2011 CES show and most anticipated tablet by its followers Motorola was sure to make waves in a no wake zone held by its fierce competition with the Apple iPad.

Prior to Motorola launching the Xoom news was released that Apple was finishing up its plans to start distribution of its second version of iPad, with the iPad 2. Motorola’s Xoom launch was overshadowed by Apple’s iPad 2 that was expedited to hit sales floors within weeks that resulted in “underwhelming” sales according to Analyst Peter Misek of Jefferies & Company. According to Analysts Peter Misek, Motorola is down, but not out.

Side by Side Comparison

Model Xoom iPad 2
Price $800 $499-$830
Screen Size 10.1 9.7
OS Android 3.0 IOS 4.3
Screen Res 1280×800 1024×768
Adobe Flash Yes No
4G Ready Yes No
Processor 1Ghz Dual Core 1 Ghz Dual Core
Weight 730 grams 601 grams
Memory 32GB 16GB-64GB
Apps 50 350k
Battery Life 10.5 12.2
Front Camera 2MP VGA
Rear Camera 5MP VGA
Buy Now

Buy Now

Boy Now

In the end, both Motorola and Apple are applauded for delivering 2 great tablet products. Competition is what drives innovation and creativity to bring us the consumer new and more advanced technology each and every year.


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